Producer Roland Kieff is now making an impact under his new alias DJ Roko, set to become a rising star in the EDM scene with his infectious energy and creativity. Originally hailing from the West Midlands in the UK, DJ Roko has since relocated to Glasgow in Scotland, where he continues to develop his sonic vision and expand his musical horizons.

Drawing inspiration from electronic music icons such as Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Tiësto, DJ Roko has developed a unique sound that’s built on compelling melodies, exhilarating beats and epic drops. First unveiling the DJ Roko project earlier this year, he released his debut single “Velocity” which was quickly followed up by the sophomore track “You Better.”

With both releases making an instant impact and each clocking over thirty thousands spins on Spotify, DJ Roko builds on his creative momentum and now brings us his latest release with his third single titled “Heaven.” Serving up an upbeat, pumping house track that’s sure to set club dance floors ablaze, “Heaven” exemplifies DJ Roko’s ability to craft a track that not only gets people moving but also creates an unforgettable auditory experience.

Produced in his home studio, DJ Roko arranged various samples and after extensive searching, found the perfect vocal sample that would become the heart of “Heaven.” The result is a stunning collision of melodies and pulsating rhythm. Jumping straight in with rattling hi hats and bouncy synth layers, “Heaven” immediately sets an energising dance music scene, building with anticipation as drum rolls usher in the soulful vocal leads.

Flowing above the stabbing synth tones and elegant piano chords, the vocals thread smooth melodies above the vibrant arrangement, resulting in an infectious electronic pop sound. Full of groove and memorable melodies, all wrapped up in stellar sound design, “Heaven” offers a thrilling listening experience that further builds the excitement for DJ Roko’s upcoming debut record.

Commenting on the single, he offers, “I decided to create more of a disco feel to the EDM track, adding in a string section. The track I created gave a happy loved-up feeling.”

NEW Release Out 19th July 2024

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