DJ Roko

Within the colourful weave of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), there is a star whose soundtracks are more than just songs; they tell story of tenacity, passion and unrelenting creativity.

Let me introduce you to Roland Kieff, the maestro better known as DJ Roko who seamlessly wears the hats of music producer, songwriter, and DJ.

DJ Roko’s background is as varied as the sounds that characterize his style, coming from the vibrant music culture of West Midlands, UK, to his present home in Glasgow, Scotland.

Just like his inspo Tiesto, David Guetta, and Calvin Harris – luminaries of EDM, DJ Roko is making a name for himself.

He does this by mixing dramatic drops, catchy melodies, and compelling beats. His music grabs attention from listeners all over the world.

His creative process draws from Depeche Mode, Human League, and Kraftwerk. This unique mix of his music combines feel-good-old-times emotions with futuristic components. It tells an engaging story that resonates with a diverse range of people.

At his heart, DJ Roko is a story weaver. His music not only lifts spirits but also profoundly moves people. Through his craft, he magnifies the things that binds us together such as love and dance. He paints an image of dancing under a single roof where the only noise you her is the quick beats of hearts pounding excitedly.

But behind the success’s surface is a story of overcoming hardship with perseverance. Roko who was diagnosed with dyslexia at seven, had to overcome significant challenges in order to achieve musical fame. He was bullied for being himself, so he turned to the music that swirled in his spirit for comfort, believing in the transformational power of music.

Roko set off on an artistic and self-discovery adventure. Determined to shape his destiny. Equipped with keyboard and untamable curiosity, he set out on a path of self-taught expertise, improving his ability and craft every day.

At the age of seventeen, Roko’s love of music expanded to a new level when he learned how to DJ. He enthralled audiences with his electric performances, establishing the groundwork for a career that would soon propel him to success. He has good sense of rhythm and an inherent ability to read the crowd.

In the mid-1990s, Roland made his foray into songwriting and production, teaming up with like-minded musicians to produce music that broke through genre barriers and captivated listeners all over the world. Despite encountering rejections and kickbacks from various record companies, he persisted in his quest for musical brilliance, utilizing his hardships as inspiration and turning them into learning opportunities.

On the brink of a new chapter in his musical career, DJ Roko is about to release his magnum opus, an EDM record that will dazzle audiences with its daring fusion of melodic bliss and cutting-edge sound production.

Roland’s commitment to his community and family keeps him grounded. Being a devoted husband and parent, he draws inspiration from ordinary life events, giving his music a profoundly meaningful depth and originality.

He never stops energizing audiences with his passion and excitements, which keeps the dance floor hopping far into the wee hours of the morning. Because of his proactive approach to his profession, he is continually pushing the envelop in terms of creativity and invention – looking for new opportunities to collaborate and further his music.  

Beneath the flash and glamour of the music business, DJ Roko’s kind personality comes through in his relationships with both fans and co-artists. He is devoted to leaving a good impression both on and off stage, whether it is by bringing attention to good cause or just spending time getting to know his audience.

He is dedicated to pushing limits and discovering new acoustic environments as he set out on this new musical journey. In the ever-evolving world of EDM, his unbeatable talent and unwavering drive to perfection make him a true trendsetter.

Roko’s social media presence shines brightly, inviting people to follow him on his artistic journey. You can find him and his music on Spotify, SoundCloud, Instagram, and TikTok.